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We are always happy to see your patients. We will make every effort to see your patient in a timely manner. Please fax completed referral form with supporting documents to our office.

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Why Choose BODYSET?

Our vision is to create a physical therapy practice that is unlike any other in healthcare today. Ultimately, the concept is a simple one: attract the best minds in the industry, create a work environment that fosters optimal care, offer advanced training in orthopaedic manual therapy with the best evidence and maintain a leading edge mentality within the profession.

Continuity and consistency are two highly prized attributes of any company and its employees. The comfort that referral sources have in sending their patients to our clinics is priceless. Physicians knowing the high quality level of care that we provide, day-in and day-out, is invaluable. Our consistent model of care and the results that we obtain set us apart.

The following is a list of treatments we can provide for Patients:

Therapeutic Exercise:

Coordination / Endurance
Sport Performance
Balance / Agility
Home Exercise

Manual Therapy:

Joint Mobilization
MFR / Massage / MET
Stretching / ROM
Post-Op Rehab
Gait Analysis

Additional Therapies:

Sport Movement Analysis
Taping / Bracing
Ergonomic Education
Other Modalities


Referral Fax: (866) 851-2493

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